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The Imperative for Social Foundations Revisited

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

“The Imperative of Social Foundations to (Urban) Education Research and Practice,” emphasizes three particular social foundations of education (SFE) subdisciplines (sociology of education, history of education, and philosophy of education) to demonstrate the strength and necessity of SFE as a multi-perspectival approach to resolving persistent education justice dilemmas. In their technical comment, Aydarova et al. (2022) insist that our article potentially facilitates “erasure of SFE’s complexity and interdisciplinarity” (p. 289). They, like us, care deeply that SFE be understood as indispensable to advancing racial justice in and beyond education research, policy, and practice. These scholars foreground the invaluable contributions of anthropology of education to oppose racism and accentuate justice-oriented education alternatives.

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